Welcome! This is the registration page for the Save the Light 5K. This payment procedure is designed to be easy and secure. Thank you for supporting our events!

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Please note that it is NOT necessary to have a Paypal account , you will have the option to SECURELY use VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX or DISCOVER"

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By proceeding and clicking on the "PAY NOW" button I certify that I am 18 or older (minors must have a parent or guardian do this step!) and that I have read and will abide by the event's Liability Waiver, which is listed on this page directly below the "PAY NOW" button.
Please note that it is NOT necessary to have a Paypal account to use this secure service (to pay directly with a credit card click on the "Continue" prompt on the next page- it's on the left- right by where it says "Don't have a PayPal account?"

Liability Waiver: Upon Acceptance of my entry, I, for myself, my heirs & assigns, hereby release the Town of Folly Beach, Save the Light, Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission, ActionCarolina, and any and all sponsors & officials of the Save the Light Run Event from any & all liability arising from illness, injury, or death I may suffer as a result of participation in these events. I attest that I am physically fit & have sufficiently trained for these events & I am aware that my participation could, in some circumstances, result in physical injury. Should officials determine that completion of these events would be injurious to my health, I consent to be removed and treated by the physician in attendance of their direction. I give permission for free use of my name and picture in any broadcast, telecast, or written account of these events. I also understand that the entry fee is NONREFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON. Pets, cycles, baby strollers, and headphones are not allowed on the course for insurance reasons.